Cloud migration challenges faced by enterprises

Wanclouds Journey

These challenges makes the cloud migration journey long and expensive. This is where Wanclouds can help you.

Our Offerings

Wanclouds has the expertise, automation tools, and full lifecycle management to handle your multi-cloud migrations.

Cloud networking


We have decades of combined experience dealing with public and private clouds which speeds up your migration and makes it painless


Automation Suite

Our set of automation tools and scripts reduces the migration time from weeks to minutes and caters to many other business use cases

Support and user experience

Lifecycle Management

Our services cover the full lifecycle management of multi-cloud migrations and cloud integrations with custom solutions and support


After years of tackling the operational, security, and deployment challenges, we have perfected our recipe to help enterprises with their multi-cloud journeys: on-prem to cloud and cloud to cloud. We leverage our experience and expertise to fill the skills gap and speed up your migration.

Our cloud experts simplify and fast track the preparation, design, deployment/migration of your networks so your cloud adoption or migration journey can be as swift and smooth as possible.

We take care of everything: migrating your network configs, firewalls, gateways, VPNs, NAT & security policies, load-balancing and more. We do the heavy lifting and allow you to focus on what you do best.


Automation Suite

With our state-of-the-art in-house automation suite, we reduce the time of long migration processes by 10x. We have successfully helped dozens of enterprise customers migrate their network services and infrastructure.

Our solutions (Netorc, Shepherd, and VPC+) help your cloud adoption and migration journey every step of the way. These are some of the key benefits of our cloud automation suite:

  • Designing and deploying your Virtual Private Clouds
  • Creating various security rules, load balancing, and network policies
  • Assisting with network and configuration migrations across vendors
  • Simplifying and automating network connectivity
  • Monitoring and maintaining your multivendor FWs, appliances and integrating alerts with third-party alert systems across clouds
  • Automated creation, deployment, and enforcement of Kubernetes security and Ops policies - RBAC, FW rules, SElinux, AppArmor, nodes integrity
  • Customized deployment scripts for deploying Kubernetes clusters, or VMs
Netorc Shepherd VPC+
Custom solutions

Lifecycle Management

Enterprises with more complex and unique problems require custom solutions to make their journey to the clouds headache-free. We also believe that modern applications require better user interface, self-service capabilities, and faster servicing. This is where our services stand out from the crowd. Our expertise and in-house tools allow us to offer world-class services in the following domains:

  • Design and deployment of network services, compute, and databases
  • Full lifecycle management of multi-cloud migrations and cloud integrations
  • Automation of application deployments using CI/CD DevOps, DevSecOps, and Network DevOps
  • Custom Solutions for automation and multi-cloud deployments & management
  • Automation plans around repetitive manual business flows and tasks
  • Technical support and maintenance for cloud integrations and custom applications, and deployments
  • Customized deployment scripts for deploying Kubernetes clusters, or VMs
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Custom solutions

About Us

We are a team of cloud enthusiasts headquartered in Santa Clara, California with remote offices in Bangalore and Islamabad. Our team is experienced with private and public Cloud deployments & operations, network automation, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm.

We offer both solutions & services to solve the operational and security challenges around hybrid cloud and multi-clouds networking, management, analytics, and troubleshooting. We enable customers to self-manage their Kubernetes, OpenShift deployments as well as deploy centralized policies for mandatory access, firewall policies, and track platform integrity. Our services model is to remain flexible and solve your cloud and operational challenges through customized software development, integrations, and automation (ansible, puppet). Our team understands the business & operational perspectives of MSPs, cloud providers, and enterprises.

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